March 30, 2016

For the Love of Old Bones by Michael Jecks

T I T L E: For the Love of Old Bones
A U T H O R: Michael Jecks
P U B L I S H E R: Endeavor Press
P U B L I S H--D A T E: March 4, 2016
I S B N: 9781530379118
Historical Mysteries

Death and deceit stalk the bleak moorlands of medieval Devonshire in this captivating collection of short stories from the acclaimed author Michael Jecks.
In the remote Devonshire town of Crediton, a young girl is found dead in an alleyway, raped and murdered. As the local Bailiff and a visiting knight investigate the crime, it comes to light that the bailiff holds an incriminating secret – one that has the potential to place this agent of the government on the wrong side of the law.
A group of monks journeying from Launceston Abbey across the wild wastelands of Dartmoor are waylaid by brigands. During the brawl, their abbot is put to death at the blade of a knife, but the murderer neglected to steal his money filled purse. When the local bailiff discovers that the group are conducting a holy relic overseas to France, he begins to suspect that there are murkier motivations at play.
A blacksmith is found dead in his lodgings, the door locked from the inside. As the town’s meticulously minded bailiff goes about his investigation, a veritable rogue’s gallery of culprits drift in and out of focus - but the guilty party is the least suspect of all.
One of the king’s forresters lies dead in a gully on the moor, his head smashed in with a rock, and the only witness to the murder being the forrester’s loyal mastiff, who stands vigil over his master’s body. As the list of suspects increases with every local rivalry which comes to light, the outcome of the case will surprise all involved.
1348, the year of the Great Death. Refugees flood into the city of Exeter from the plague-ravaged countryside surrounding the city. A man and a young boy from the village of Rookford arrive separately, yet both share knowledge of a horrifying secret and come to the realisation that even in these times of turmoil, the past is inescapable.

     I’m always looking for great medieval mysteries to read as I’m a huge medieval history buff. So, when I found this collection of short stories on Netgalley I jumped at the chance to read it. I’m glad I did. It was a fantastic collection.
     Michael Jecks does a great job of telling these and portraying the setting in this time period. You feel as though you are there and walking along right with them. This is a fantastic work. All of the tales in this book are well written. The characters are well rounded and developed well.
     This was my first introduction to Sir Baldwin. I haven’t read the Templar Series. However, after reading this collection I plan to change that and read the whole series which have now been added to the top of my “To Be Read List”. My only complaint was that the book ended before I was ready to stop reading.


A M A Z O N                     G O O D R E A D S

March 25, 2016

Much of Madness by S. E. Summa

__________R E V I E W__________


     This book was quite the pleasant read with lots of little surprises in a supernatural world. It captivated me from the very first chapter and held me through to the end. The only reason this book gets 4 stars rather than 5 is because I felt the beginning and middle were much, much stronger than the end. To be honest, I didn’t like the last three chapters. I felt this awesome story fell short an equally awesome ending (or until next book). However, even in saying that, I’ll read book two. While the characters weren’t of the human variety, they were very relatable, and very likeable. Honestly, there isn’t one I can say a bad thing about, including the progression of their story.

__________B O O K__D E T A I L S__________

T I T L E: Much of Madness
S E R I E S: The Conexus Chronicles (NÂș 1) 
A U T H O R: S. E. Summa
P U B L I S H E R: Inkmancy Press
P U B L I S H--D A T E: February 29, 2016
I S B N: 9780997295412

Seraphina Pearce doesn’t know what’s more frustrating: her magic’s affinity for death, her best friend’s transformation into an albino Sin Eater, or that simply touching a guy she loves means someone’s headed to the morgue.
After a sin-eating job goes awry, she casts a risky spell and butts heads with a handsome stranger in order to win an infamous grimoire.
Marceau L’Argent is the last person she should confide in because the occult cat burglar has a mysterious past, and he’s made it no secret he also wants the grimoire. He recognizes her dark magic and offers his unique help as a rare curse breaker. If all that weren’t enough, Marceau causes butterflies in her stomach—a feeling she’d long thought dead. Seraphina was only trying to break her curse—not piss off Death himself.