Name: Hope
Favorite genres: Science Fiction - Fantasy - Weird West
Will read: Sci Fi & Fantasy, Women's Fiction, Science, Mystery & Thrillers, Horror, Paranormal, Literature/Fiction (Adult) Comics & Graphic, Children's Fiction, Non-Fiction. 

     The book has to be one or the other for me. If the writing is poor, then the story needs to catch me, and hold me. If the story doesn't keep me enthralled, then the writing needs to be on point. I normally have a five chapter rule: if the book doesn't make me want to know something within the five chapters, I'll close it and never pick it up again.
     I consider myself a super creative person; therefore, those are the stories I tend to favor. I'm also indulgent to books that have unexpected turn of events (so long as they make sense to the story). Character death, love it.
     I prefer third person POV, but will read first person. Unless of course the first person character is a sissy, then I will not finish it. I don't mind a little head hopping, as long as I know whose head I'm in. If I can't follow along, I will not continue to read.
     I'm not fond of Romance, but I will read it; I prefer it to be a bonus in the story, not the actual story itself. I'm not a big fan of erotica either, however, there are a few I've indulged in, because hey, curiosity killed the damn cat.
     I can't read as often as I'd like. I have some writing that I have to tend to, writing that isn't only reviews, but my own works of madness. My only daily dilemma in life is whether to read, or to write.


R A T I N G--S C A L E
1 STAR - Did not like it.
2 STAR - It was okay.
3 STAR - Liked it. 
4 STAR - Loved it. 
5 STAR - Epic.