W O R D G U R G L E 

R E V I E W S--P O L I C Y 

Word Gurgle will accept review requests from independent publishers, eBook publishers, and from requesting authors. The preferred genres are Horror, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, Paranormal, Mystery, Thriller, Middle Grade and Children’s Fiction. However, this does not mean that we will not consider books from other genres, including graphic novels, comics, and non-fiction.

Word Gurgle reserves the right to decline any books received for review. We do promise to consider all queries. We try to read all accepted novels for review in a timely manner, however, life is life; therefore, sometimes there is a delay.

We will not give a one or two star review. If we do not like your book, we will not publish our review. We try our best to give constructive criticism, but as you know, sometimes a story doesn’t sit right with the reader. Our reviews are not only posted here, there is a link back to the review on Booklikes, Twitter, and Facebook. As well as other various personal sites used (Goodreads, Library Things, Amazon et cetera.)

All queries should be emailed to Please include the description and genre. We recommend including an Amazon link, or snippet of your book to better judge if the story is the right fit for us. We will try hard to respond to all emails, even if we are not interested.

Thank you for your consideration.