Beneath The Forsaken City by C.E. Laurean

T I T L E: Beneath The Forsaken City 
S E R I E S: The Song of Seare (Nº 2) 
A U T H O R: C.E. Laureano
P U B L I S H E R: Tyndale House Publisher 
P U B L I S H--D A T E: January 16, 2015 
I S B N: 9781612916316 
Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Teen/YA 

Conor and Aine escape Seare on a ship only to be thrown overboard in a storm and separated. Neither knows if the other survived but never lose hope of finding each other again. They must depend on their God Comdiu to reunite them and given them strength to accomplish the tasks he has set before them. While separated they both endure trials that teach them to believe in the strength of their God and set aside their own desires in order to obey.

     This is the second book in the Song of Seare series. The series, in general, is a great choice for teens and young adults. Just the right touch of romance and yet it doesn’t overpower the main story. There is a lot of magic and adventure for those that need to have their fantasy fix. Both Conor and Aine learn lessons that help them to get back on track with their appointed tasks. The book is well written and I would recommend this to those that like to read young adult, as well as fantasy lovers. I liked both main characters along with most of the supporting characters.
     In general I love reading about the Sidhe, but I don’t like to look at them as “demons” or evil per se, at least not all of them. The author takes the approach that all Sidhe are evil beings and almost demon-like. So, I didn’t really care for that concept in the story. For that reason, I gave the book a three out of five stars.