A Crown for Cold Silver by Alex Marshall

T I T L E: A Crown for Cold Silver
A U T H O R: Alex Marshall
P U B L I S H E R: Orbit Books
P U B L I S H--D A T E: April 14, 2015
I S B N: 9780316277983
Romance, Fantasy
"It was all going so nicely, right up until the massacre." Twenty years ago, feared general Cobalt Zosia led her five villainous captains and mercenary army into battle, wrestling monsters and toppling an empire. When there were no more titles to win and no more worlds to conquer, she retired and gave up her legend to history. Now the peace she carved for herself has been shattered by the unprovoked slaughter of her village. Seeking bloody vengeance, Zosia heads for battle once more, but to find justice she must confront grudge-bearing enemies, once-loyal allies, and an unknown army that marches under a familiar banner. FIVE VILLAINS. ONE LEGENDARY GENERAL. A FINAL QUEST FOR VENGEANCE.

     The plot for this book was creative. I liked the idea of the main character and her captains being older instead of very young. However, having said that, I, unfortunately, had a difficult time connecting with any of the characters. Perhaps if the story would have started at an earlier point in time, it would have been easier for me to do so. Or it could have been that the author changed points of view frequently, I didn't feel that I had the chance to really get to know Zosia better or even any of her captains. If I had to choose a character that I liked more than others, I think it would have to be Choplicker simply because he's not what he seems in that he's not an ordinary dog or even a dog at all really.
     The action was great as well. I really enjoy books that don't gloss over those parts in the story or sugar coat them. Sword fighting and fighting with daggers is brutal and bloody business. This book did not sugar coat anything. That helped to score some extra points with me.
     Even though I liked those points which I mentioned above, I do have to say that I was somewhat confused throughout the book. That became frustrating for me. I almost put the book down, but I kept reading just to see if it got better and less confusing. It did not. While I did understand more by the time I finished there were still some things that remained confusing. Perhaps any future sequels will clarify things a bit more. But, because I finished the book, still a bit confused and frustrated I am giving the book three stars instead of four.