The After House by Michael Phillip Cash

T I T L E: The After House
A U T H O R: Michael Phillip Cash
P U B L I S H E R: Red Feather Publishing
P U B L I S H--D A T E: September 30, 2014
I S B N: 9781500600365
Myster, Thriller, Romance

Remy Galway and her daughter Olivia are rebuilding their life after a failed marriage in a 300 year old cottage in historic Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island. Little do they know, another occupant is lurking in the haven of their own home. Will the After House be their shelter or their tomb?

     While this book is a ghost story, I didn’t find it scary at all. But, I did find it enjoyable to read. Yes, there were some romantic elements, but they didn’t overwhelm the plot.
     AlthoughI did find the description of the killing of the whales a bit disturbing, I do understand that during that time period whaling was looked upon much differently than it is today.
     The characters were very likable, and I think I liked the Captain better as a ghost than a living man. Especially when confronted by Remy’s daughter, Olivia. In some ways this book reminded me a bit of “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir”.
      This book is as much about Remy and her attempts to move on after a horrible marriage, as it is about Captain Eli and the things he needs to resolve before moving onto to his afterlife. However, it’s easy to follow.
     Even though I figured out early on in the story who was terrorizing Remy, I kept turning the pages to see if I was correct. In a way that is my only complaint, maybe the author could have made it a bit more of a mystery and added a bit more suspense. I also feel the two watchers, or guardians could have been left out of the story. I didn’t really think they were necessary to the plot since it is hard to tell exactly what their role truly was.
     There were scenes that had a bit of action as well as some with humor. The chapters are fairly short and easy to get through. If you are looking for a quick light read that is also fun, then I recommend this book and give it four stars.