Foxglove by Mary Anne Kelly

T I T L E: Foxglove
A U T H O R: Mary Anne Kelly
P U B L I S H E R: Open Road Integrated Media
P U B L I S H--D A T E: April 14, 2015
I S B N: 9781453293744
Women’s Literature, Mystery, Thriller
When an old friend is murdered, Claire and her husband search for the killer Ever since she got married, Claire Breslinsky has dreamed of living in the tree-lined Queens neighborhood where she grew up. But her husband is a cop, and cops aren’t allowed to live in the precincts they police. When Johnny’s transfer request finally comes through, Claire sets her sights on a beautiful, shabby old Victorian mansion. She is about to tour the house when she hears a half-forgotten voice: that of her old friend Tree, who lives across the street from the one Claire wants to buy. They hug, exchange numbers, and promise to see each other more often. They won’t. Tree will be dead by morning. A talented photographer with a Buddhist sense of cosmic justice, Claire can’t help but suspect Tree’s oddly cheerful husband of doing her in. With Johnny’s help, she digs into the bizarre murder and finds that strange things have been happening lately on the shady side streets of Richmond Hill.

     I really had high hopes for this book, however, I was a bit disappointed. It was labeled as a mystery and the description stated that Claire (the main character) and her husband searched for the killer of an old friend. I didn't see any of that, truthfully and for me it was misleading.
     It was slow to start, in addition, there was not a lot mentioned about there being a suspicion of murder until late in the book. For all intents and purposes it seemed the victim had a stroke even though she was pretty young for such a thing to happen to her. While that is not unheard of, still I think the authorities would have done a post mortem to investigate the true cause of death. I also didn't see much help from Claire's husband and there was not really any investigation into her friend's death conducted by them. Although, Claire was highly suspicious of her friend's husband, who was, admittedly, pretty shady.
     Something else that confused me was the time period in which this story took place. Perhaps I overlooked that information somewhere. I did search for it but was unable to find it. It appeared to take place during the seventies, maybe, but I am not quite sure to be honest.
     Having said that, I did like the book. It just wasn't what I was expecting. Perhaps, if it had been labeled Women's Literature, I would have liked it much better and I wouldn't have been expecting a thrilling murder mystery. In my humble opinion, it would fit first and foremost into that genre much better. The murder was more of a subplot than the main plot.
     I do recommend this book for those that like to read Women's Literature. There was a lot going on and I did really like Claire. But, it may not be for those die hard murder mystery fans out there. So, for those reasons I am giving FOXGLOVE three stars.