A Perilous Alliance by Fiona Buckley

T I T L E: A Perilous Alliance
S E R I E S: An Ursula Blanchard Elizabethan Mystery
A U T H O R: Fiona Buckley
P U B L I S H E R: Severn House/Creme de la Crime
P U B L I S H--D A T E: October 1, 2015
I S B N: 9781780290768
Historical Mystery

Widow Ursula Blanchard is urged to remarry for the sake of Queen and Country in this latest enthralling historical adventure
January, 1576. After three husbands, widow Ursula Blanchard has no desire to marry again. However, she is not in a position to refuse when Sir Francis Walsingham decides she must wed Count Gilbert Renard, the illegitimate son of King Henri II, in order to build a strategic alliance with the French.
When the Count arrives at her country home to pay court, Ursula’s misgivings grow stronger. Then one of her household staff is found dead at the bottom of the stairs. An accident – or something more sinister?
The disturbing chain of events that follows sees Ursula heading on a perilous journey in a race against time to prevent a national catastrophe. En route she will encounter danger, hardship, conspiracy – and murder.

     Excellent read. This book was thoroughly enjoyable. Great mystery with political intrigue. In fact, I enjoyed this book so much that I find it difficult to review because there wasn’t much about it that I didn’t like.
     Even though this was the first Ursula Blanchard novel that I have read it was very easy to figure out who was who. It could easily be read as a stand alone novel. The appearances from real-life historical figures mixed with the created characters made it interesting. There was even a scene with Queen Elizabeth I which I loved.
     The execution of the plot was well done and the characters are very well developed. If you like reading historical mysteries as well as the Elizabethan era then I highly recommend you pick this one up. It was a fun and exciting read. I will definitely read the other books in this series.