Bryant & May and The Burning Man by Christopher Flower

T I T L E: Bryant & May and The Burning Man
S E R I E S: A Peculiar Crimes Mystery (Nº 12)
A U T H O R: Christopher Fowler
P U B L I S H E R: Random House Publishing Group/Ballantine/Bantam
P U B L I S H--D A T E: December 15, 2015
I S B N: 9780345547682
Mystery, Thriller
No case is too curious for Arthur Bryant and John May, London’s most ingenious detectives. But with their beloved city engulfed in turmoil, they’ll have to work fast to hold a sinister killer’s feet to the fire.
In the week before Guy Fawkes Night, London’s peaceful streets break out in sudden unrest. Enraged by a scandal involving a corrupt financier accused of insider trading, demonstrators are rioting outside the Findersbury Private Bank, chanting, marching, and growing violent. But when someone hurls a Molotov cocktail at the bank’s front door, killing a homeless man on its steps, Bryant, May, and the rest of the Peculiar Crimes Unit team are called in. Is this an act of protest gone terribly wrong? Or a devious, premeditated murder?
Their investigation heats up when a second victim is reported dead in similar fiery circumstances. May discovers the latest victim has ties to the troubled bank, and Bryant refuses to believe this is mere coincidence. As the riots grow more intense and the body count climbs, Bryant and May hunt for a killer who’s adopting incendiary methods of execution, on a snaking trail of clues with roots in London’s history of rebellion, anarchy, and harsh justice. Now, they’ll have to throw themselves in the line of fire before the entire investigation goes up in smoke.

     This is the first Bryant & May mystery that I’ve read. Even though I’ve not read any of the others I had no problem keeping up. Not once did I ever feel lost or had any difficulty understanding who the characters were or the dynamics between them. I have one other Peculiar Crimes Unit Mystery on my To Be Read List, which, unfortunately, I haven’t gotten to yet. However, after reading this one I will make a point to make sure the other one gets read and soon.
     I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was funny and thrilling at the same time. The plot very clever and well crafted. There were some odd twists that kept me guessing right to the end.
     All of the characters of the Peculiar Crimes Unit are a bit peculiar themselves but very likable. Especially the main characters of Bryant & May who are well-seasoned detectives. Their idiosyncrasies make them all that much more endearing. In a way, they are a bit of an odd pair and very different from each other, which works quite well. I also liked the fact that there was a bit of history thrown in here and there via Arthur Bryant who seems to have quite an amount of knowledge tucked away in that brain of his.
     This story was a great read and I look forward to reading more Bryant & May. I do recommend this book to those out there like reading a good mystery with some slightly eccentric characters.