Death Comes to Kurland Hall by Catherine Lloyd

T I T L E: Death Comes to Kurland Hall
S E R I E S: Kurland St. Mary Mystery (Nº 3) 
A U T H O R: Catherine Lloyd
P U B L I S H E R: Kensington Books
P U B L I S H--D A T E: November 24, 2015
I S B N: 9780758287373
Historical Mystery
As wedding bells chime in Kurland St. Mary, a motley group of visitors descends on the village—and with a murderer on the prowl, some of them may not be returning home…
Lucy Harrington has returned to Kurland St. Mary to help with her friend Sophia Giffin's wedding. But her homecoming is made disagreeable by the presence of Major Robert Kurland, whose bungled proposal has ruffled Lucy's composure, and a meddling widow who has designs on her father, the village rector.
Wary of the cloying Mrs. Chingford from the start, Lucy has doubts about the busybody's intentions with her father. But everyone else seems to think they make an ideal match—until the courtship is curtailed when Mrs. Chingford is found dead at the bottom of a staircase. It's clear that it wasn't an accident, and in hopes of finding the culprit, Lucy and Robert call a truce and begin scrutinizing the wedding guests.
But the widow left behind plenty of enemies, and when one of them is the next to turn up dead, Lucy and Robert discover that the truth is far more scandalous than anyone could have imagined…

     My favorite mysteries to read are those that take place in historical eras and this one is during the Regency period. It was a fun read and in fact, I read it in one night. That is not to say it wasn't well written, it was, and very enjoyable.
     The interaction between Major Kurland and Lucy was humorous at times but also frustrating at times. They both had their stubborn streaks which had me telling them out loud not to be so. However, that is only because I not only wanted them to be together as a crime-solving duo but also as a couple.
     When the victim met her demise, I found myself smiling. I know that may make me seem a wee bit on the evil side, but she was so despicable that I couldn't help it. In my defense that just means the author did what she was supposed to do. When characters are written in such a way that they evoke emotion then it's a job well done. I found that to be true in this story.
      As far as the mystery itself goes, it was one that kept me guessing. I can't say I didn't suspect the culprit before the murderer was revealed, but I did also suspect others. So, nothing was really given away until it mattered.
     There are some harrowing on the edge of your seat scenes and some sprinkles of humor here and there and just the right touch of romance. I look forward to reading more from this author.