Lightless by C.A. Higgins

T I T L E: Lightless
A U T H O R: C.A. Higgins
P U B L I S H E R: Random House Publishing Group/Del Rey Spectra
P U B L I S H--D A T E: September 29, 2015
I S B N: 9780553394429
The deeply moving human drama of Gravity meets the nail-biting suspense of Alien in this riveting science fiction debut. With bold speculation informed by a degree in astrophysics, C. A. Higgins spins an unforgettable “locked spaceship” mystery guaranteed to catapult readers beyond their expectations—and into brilliantly thrilling new territory. Serving aboard the Ananke, an experimental military spacecraft launched by the ruthless organization that rules Earth and its solar system, computer scientist Althea has established an intense emotional bond—not with any of her crewmates, but with the ship's electronic systems, which speak more deeply to her analytical mind than human feelings do. But when a pair of fugitive terrorists gain access to the Ananke, Althea must draw upon her heart and soul for the strength to defend her beloved ship. While one of the saboteurs remains at large somewhere on board, his captured partner—the enigmatic Ivan—may prove to be more dangerous. The perversely fascinating criminal whose silver tongue is his most effective weapon has long evaded the authorities' most relentless surveillance—and kept the truth about his methods and motives well hidden. As the ship's systems begin to malfunction and the claustrophobic atmosphere is increasingly poisoned by distrust and suspicion, it falls to Althea to penetrate the prisoner's layers of intrigue and deception before all is lost. But when the true nature of Ivan's mission is exposed, it will change Althea forever—if it doesn't kill her first.

     The description was the reason I was drawn to this book but, I am not quite sure that it really is a case of Gravity meets Alien. Perhaps it’s just me but I didn’t see the comparison. Although, I did like the book it wasn’t quite what I expected.
     The book started a bit slow for my liking. Thankfully the pace did pick up in about the last third of the story or so. I would have liked to see that happen much earlier. I think Althea could have used a bit more development, but then I like my heroines a little more on the stronger side. The interrogations got to be a little too tedious as well and I never really felt that much was resolved from them.
     I did like the concept and the plot idea was a good one. The unexpected twist in the last part of the book did make it worth the read and I did enjoy the small bits of science that were incorporated into the story. I was expecting a bit more though since the author has a degree in physics. Having said that I still really liked the book. Unfortunately, I didn't love it but I am interested to see what the next installment in this series will bring. Honestly, I did waver between three and four stars but since I didn't quite love this book, I'm going to have to go with three.