Merry Christmas!

The Longest Con by Michaelbrent Collings

Grave Predictions: Tales of Mankind’s Post-Apocalyptic, Dystopian and Disastrous Destiny

One Man's Purpose by Stephen D. Senturia

The Devourers by Indra Das

Beneath The Fall by Aaron Safronoff

The Service of the Dead by Candace Robb

A Second Daniel by Neal Roberts

A Lady in the Smoke by Karen Odden

The Dragon Round by Stephen S. Power

For the Love of Old Bones by Michael Jecks

Much of Madness by S. E. Summa

Greylady by Peter Moorwood

An Unattractive Vampire by Jim McDoniel

Green Eye by Vena Cork

The Death House by Sarah Pinborough

The Lost Twin by Sophie Cleverly

A Man of Genius by Lynn Rosen

Secrets in the Stones by Tessa Harris

The Silence of Stones by Jeri Westerson