A Second Daniel by Neal Roberts

T I T L E: A Second Daniel
S E R I E S:  In the Den of the English Lion(Nº 1)
A U T H O R: Neal Roberts
P U B L I S H E R: Booktrope
P U B L I S H--D A T E: August 28, 2015
I S B N: 9781513704913
Historical Mysteries

London 1558. An Orphan from a far-off land, is renamed "Noah Ames", and given every advantage the Royal Crown can bestow. London 1592. Now an experienced barrister, Noah witnesses what appears to be a botched robbery outside the Rose Theater, a crime he soon suspects to be a plot against Queen Elizabeth herself. Steadfast in his loyalty to the Queen, Noah must use every bit of his knowledge and skill to lure her most disloyal subject onto the only battlefield where Noah has the advantage-a court of law-though in doing so he risks public exposure of his darkest secret, a secret so shocking that its revelation could cost him everything: the love of the only woman who can offer him happiness, his livelihood, even his life.

     I do love a great historical mystery and this one was very enjoyable. It is set in Tudor England at the time of Queen Elizabeth I which is one of my favorite historical periods. It is a good blend of both true life events and fictional ones.
     The same goes for the characters as well. I really liked the fact that the villain in this one was Robert Devereux, the Earl of Essex who was real and had been one of the Queen's favorites before losing his head. Although, he hasn't fallen quite far yet in this story, he is definitely racing down a path to meet his destiny with the executioner's ax.  
     The other characters both real and fictional have depth and are interesting. Besides Noah, I really liked Jonathan and the four Jesters as well Sir Henry Neville. In the beginning, I wasn't quite sure if I liked Marie, but she grew on me as I progressed the through the story.
     There just is just enough suspense to keep you turning the pages and just enough wit and humor to make this one very enjoyable. There is even a chase scene and a bit of action thrown in. This book will keep you wondering what is going to happen next.
     All in all it was a fun read and I do recommend it to those that love both historical fiction or mysteries.