The Dragon Round by Stephen S. Power

T I T L E: The Dragon Round
A U T H O R: Stephen S. Power
P U B L I S H E R: Simon and Schuster
P U B L I S H--D A T E: July 5, 2016
ISBN: 9781501133206

A swashbuckling adventure with a dark side for fans of George R.R. Martin and Naomi Novik—when a ship captain is stranded on a deserted island by his mutinous crew, he finds a baby dragon that just might be the key to his salvation…and his revenge.
He only wanted justice. Instead he got revenge.
Jeryon has been the captain of the Comber for over a decade. He knows the rules. He likes the rules. But not everyone on his ship agrees. After a monstrous dragon attacks the galley, the surviving crewmembers decide to take the ship for themselves and give Jeryon and his self-righteous apothecary “the captain’s chance”: a small boat with no rudder, no sails, and nothing but the clothes on his back to survive on the open sea.
Fighting for their lives against the elements, Jeryon and his companion land on an island that isn’t as deserted as they originally thought. They find a baby dragon that, if trained, could be their way home. But as Jeryon and the dragon grow closer, the captain begins to realize that even if he makes it off the island, his old life won't be waiting for him and in order get justice, he’ll have to take it for himself.

     Normally, I’m not much on stories with a nautical theme, however, I was lured by the dragon. I am also a fan of George R R Martin and Naomi Novik, so I couldn’t wait to read this book. And it was good, I didn’t love it, but it was good. I just didn’t really find that the comparison to those two authors was a correct.
     The writing was done well. However, it got a bit confusing with all of the characters and there wasn’t really one that I liked very much, except for Gray the dragon and she didn’t speak. In some parts, fighting the crabs in particular, reminded me a lot of Land of the Lost.
     In my opinion the world was sort of dark and depressing, with the main focus on making money. I realize that the city was a merchant town, but it was just hard for me to feel much for the world or the characters. Now, even though I’ve said that, I do feel that both the world and the characters have a lot of potential to develop into something much more than they currently are. Unfortunately for me, there wasn’t really one that stood out, not even the main character.
     Having said all that I do think that those readers out there that really enjoy sailing and ships will really enjoy this book. It just wasn’t quite my cup of tea.