Please excuse the mess of this page as I try to get back into the swing of things and do a little makeover. I have a few reviews of books that I’ve read, but have been too distracted to post. Those will be up soon.

     I’ve decided that this year I’m going to focus on small published and self published books. In saying that, I’m going to come across a lot of books that I’m not going to like. Rather than giving a bad review, I’m only going to post reviews for books that I feel need some light. There are loads of review sites out there that review newly released or books published by the major publishers. Word Gurgle will not be one of them. I will also publish the full reviews on every form of social media (with the exception of twitter) that Word Gurgle is on.

     Word Gurgle used to be made up of two, but not it’s only one. So if you know anyone, or are interested yourself in giving honest reviews of the books you read, give me a shout via email There are no required genres or set amount of book you must read a month. The only requirements are: A, you have to be willing to shine light on books that are not published by major publishing houses. And B, you have to know your way (or be willing to learn) how to post your review on at least Word Gurgle’s Facebook page.

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